depresso espresso - ep

by sad. rad

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yes, even though i told myself and everyone i'd be taking a needed break from 5am nights every night of the week writing music... i did't. so here's another collection of songs, not as many, but i like them, and i hope you do too, although if you don't, i don't really care as i have found that i love producing music more than anything else and other opinions cannot change that. i am a dinosaur the world is cruel and a little cool, but also soph is pretty rad i guess


released May 23, 2016

Eli Goldberg - Recording, mixing/mastering, writing, all instruments, distracter, slacker, really good student in school, just kidding i suck

Sophia Modica - Vocals, writing, making sure Eli doesn't pass out/destroy himself (too badly)

Ella Stewart - Vocals (Teen angst)

Recorded at Bad Sound Studios, Portland OR

Thank you to the countless people who have had to put up with all my bullshit in part due to the fact that I use up all my energy in creating music.



all rights reserved


sad. rad Portland, Oregon

Eli & Soph

Lo-fi punk kills brain cells

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Track Name: teen angst / a little synthed out
drove you around,
for awhile,
before I remebered that you, had to go home,
guess I’ll see you later,

if you still feel like shit, I guess life doesnt give a fuck about us anyway,
thursday’s a few days away,
if you come over we can watch the world end on my old VCR
Track Name: don't go home
i don't want to go home,
going home means i am all alone,
lie on your bed until the day is over,
don't go home,
i still haven't heard you sing,
i still need you for my song,
Track Name: scooter looser
I want to get, out of here with you tonight,
I will be alright,
not gonna fall, so just leave me here,
I promise, that I, I won't go to sleep,
I won't go to sleep, I'm not gonna sleep,

Your looser tongue, is cool with me,
I've got a secret, and you will never know,

Don't want to be home, alone for too long,
I might see my ghost,

I told my mom I'd be home before dark,
but now, I can't find my way back to you,
I can't find my way,

You're such a scooter loser,
but i still like you,
you're such a scooter loser
Track Name: depresso espresso
i told you i'd waster your time
he tried to recognize that
life isn't just cruel but cool with you

i was a little sad
you didn't know why
you showed my the world isn't just cruel but cool with me
so i won't forget to breathe
Track Name: i was fine
I was fine until she cried,
She could see me, in her eyes,
I still believe ghosts,
but you’re not on of them,
I was fine until you called,
I was fine until you cried,