sick girlz / lame boyz (side "a")

by sad. rad

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jai this is a really cool album Favorite track: old bands (sorry i'm weird all the time).
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we put so much goddamn work into this album. more than usual. sad rad hasn't slept in the last two days running up to the release of this album. So please enjoy it. If you don't thats cool too, thanks for stopping by, please come again.


Both of us agree that our music, and most music should be free and we create music because we love it not for money. However, that being said, this world runs on money and theres a lot we have to pay for to keep the and going. Any donation you can make is greatly appreciated, even if its a dollar or 50 cents. >>> however if you'd like to download the album free of charge, just enter a "0" after clicking "buy now"


released July 27, 2016

Eli Goldberg - Writing, Recording, Lyrics, Instruments, reason we have no money
Sophia Modica - Vocals, album artwork, keeping Eli's head on his shoulders, reason theres decent music in this pile of sounds
KP - Guitar on Tom Cruise (beginning)

Recorded Bad Sound Studios



all rights reserved


sad. rad Portland, Oregon

Eli & Soph

Lo-fi punk kills brain cells

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Track Name: mosaic ado
teenage heartbreak on a summer dream
filled with smoke and a feeling for something mean,

sitting on the docks waiting for you to lean in,
but you've got a boyfriend of someone dumb

thought we could just be friends,
thats how it always starts in the end
Track Name: two a.m mornings
I only hang out with girls cause they think they're cooler than me,
and everyone thinks i'm trying to get some of them but really i just want some friends,
and you think i'm funny, but i have no money, we both think that you're way to kind,

i can't say goodbye cause I'm way to high, to let you know how I really feel, and all these songs are sounding kind of the same, but you're still telling me I'll get to fame,

so one last drink before I sleep until the morning and you'll come back around two am

so one last smoke before i die in my van on the ocean floor
Track Name: tom cruise
gone out through the bathroom window trying to escape the family dinner,
you we're so afraid of what they might do,
of what they would do,

the city's to cold the ocean's too hot,
let's go out and get a little fresh air,
let's go out and get just a little bit high,
just for awhile,

gone out through the bathroom window trying to run from the family dinner,
you we're so afraid of what they would do,
of what they're gonna do,

the city's to hot the ocean's to cold,
let's go out and get a little fresh air,
let's go out and get just a little bit high,
just for the day now,

how could i not see that you we're staring right at me through her heart shaped sun glasses,I'll answer you once i figure out how,
how deep the ocean is
Track Name: billy blvd
you were gone for weeks and weeks everyone was looking for you,
while you lay behind the blue grocery store on 10th avenue,

officer telephone won't ring, but you're pretty much good as dead,

you don't know how much i need you here with me to keep me from getting hit cars
highschool sucked so did middle school, i turned out just a fool,

you told me, you'd be ok but now you're lying behind blue 10th avenue,
and officer telephone's not gonna ring but your already good as dead,

don't go down billy blvd, theres a giant in your eyes but its fake cause you're gone and good as dead.
Track Name: free couches
I'm tired of walking to your house in the fucking rain,
so I'll bring an umbrella if you let me cut your hair,

lo-fi rock isn't dead anymore so don't tell me while i sit here on the floor with you in my arms staring at me, but all your friends think i'm kind of weird but that's because I seem like i'm fucked up on teenage drama,

you're tired, i can't ever sleep, you're good at art, i won't even start,
i miss you, you like him, i'll stay for awhile,

i'm tired of walking to your house while you complain about, all the plans you have made for when you leave me free couch

and yeah you're so naive why don't you just go home to your pretty girlfriend and all her thoughts of you that you throw away, i'll wait here for a second and then i'll be gone again
Track Name: old bands (sorry i'm weird all the time)
held up by the promise of new bands,
waited for an hour took the bus home,

asked if i could go to your house,
you never replied,

how come all the good punk bands are from the south,
I've got a new song, but you're already gone,

It's just something that that I found last night you wouldn't really care,

just cause it reminds me of you doesn't me its good
sorry I'm weird all the time

couldn't find any new music, so i guess i'll just stick to your old bands